The Prepucium

The Prepucium

Nerve Sparing Esthetic Circumcision

Prepucium is the most sensitive part of penis. It provides sensation and lubrication for the penis and contains numerous (between 20.000 and 70.000) super-specialized nerve endings and nerve corpuscules: 

  • Meissner’s corpuscles, (sensitive to fine-touch and probably the most important in terms of erogenous sensation,
  • Paccinian corpuscles (responsible for sensing pressure);
  • Ruffini’s corpuscles (mechanoreceptors);
  • free nerve endings (pain receptors);
  • end-bulbs of Krause (probably responsible for sensing cold). l-2

These tiny structures are related to the perception of touching, erogenous stimulus followed by orgasm and ejaculation.The regions such as tip of fingers, lips, prepucium and glans in which Meissner’s corpuscles are found profoundly are much more sensitive than the other parts of body.3

Frenulum, a skin band below the glans penis is highly innervated with Meissner’s corpuscles. It is the most sexually sensitive area of penis so that he most important function of the frenulum ispleasure.

Unfortunately, It is frequently cut off partially or totally by traditional circumcision techniques.


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