Operation techniques

Operation techniques

Nerve Sparing Esthetic Circumcision

  1. Surgical techniques in which the prepucium is cut out as full-thickness (Techniques of dorsal slit, double insizyon, Gomco clamp, guillotine, Mogen clamp, etc…),
  2. Techniques using plastic apparatus in which the prepucium is removed out as full-thickness by creating tissue necrosis (plastibel – smart clamp, etc…)

In these standard circumcision, the full thickness of the foreskin which are rich with superficial nerves, nerve corpuscles and blood vessels all removed.

    3-  Nerve sparing esthetic technique (NES):

It is a new but more complex and esthetic procedure than traditional circumcision techniques mentioned above. In the nerve sparing esthetic technique (NES) superficial sensory nerve-rich tissue containing nerves, nerve corpuscles and blood vessels all is saved


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